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axpand automation packages

The automation packages in axpand allow for fast production of high quality maps in several different scales. The automation processes include visualization, generalization, topology correction, labelling, net generation and labelling and automatic updating. axpand can use the same base data, no matter how detailed, to create varying scales. Automation packages are available in the following scales:



1:25,000 - Only the information critical for a map of this scale is visualized, generalized - using aggregation, simplification, typification. displacement, building generalization, etc and labelled. See example.


1:50,000 - A map of this scale usually requires model transformation, massive thinning out of road and water networks, special aggregation and displacement processes. See example.


1:100,000 - these small scale maps depend on highly sophisticated thinning, aggregation, simplification, typification and displacement techniques for readability. See example.


City Map / Base Map - Use detailed location-based data to produce city maps or other large scale maps for planning, tourism and leisure. See example.


1:5,000 - Only the information necessary for this scale is visualized, generalized and labelled for readability.


1:10,000 - Base data is refined, visualized, generalized and automatically labelled.


1:50,000 digital landscape model - this package creates a DLM at 50K scale using model generalization.

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