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A Totally Normal Day


I was driving down the highway on an unusually sunny day (it rains a lot!) when I noticed some interesting clouds. I normally have my camera with me, so I pulled off on a rest-stop to take some photos. After I was done snapping away, a middle-aged man who was travelling with his wife and son caught my attention by asking me if I could help him figure out how to get to a particular city he wanted to visit. They were on vacation and wanted to find some friends they had planned to visit.


I started to explain which direction he needed to travel on the highway, which exit he needed to take, how long he had to drive until the next exit, etc. when something occurred to me. I had a map in my car! (Even though I normally use my navigation system when I am trying to find new places, I still have a map in my car for those times when I want an overview or when I want to blindly point at something and go there to take pictures.)


I went back to my car and got my map and found a pencil in the globe box. We opened up the map on the hood of his car and I drew arrows to show them where to go. I circled the names of some of the towns they would pass along the way and showed them where we were and how far they would have to drive. I showed them the highway numbers and exit numbers. I pointed out a small lake that they had just passed so they had a better idea of where they were. I realized once again how amazing maps are and how much information is packed into them.


I folded up the map fully intending to bring it back to my car when I realized that they needed it to get to where they were going. I handed it to the man and told them it was a gift and they should have a nice trip. They were surprised, but very grateful. As I turned around to walk back to my car, the boy tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a chocolate bar.


Another great encounter because I decided to take pictures of the sky and because I had a map in my car!

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