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Currently, axpand supports the following import, export and connection formats:

FME - Feature Manipulation Engine developed by Safe Software


Adobe Illustrator CS™ - a proprietary vector graphics editing format


Freehand™ - a proprietary, two-dimensional vector graphic format


Shapefiles - a commonly used data format for geospatial vector data


DXF - drawing exchange format - enablesdata interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs


ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Exchange


WMS - Web Map Service


GDAL/OGR - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library


Text as CSV - Point or line coordinates as comma separated values


Open Layers - Open Source java script library


TIFF and GeoTIFF - Tagged Image File Format and TIFF with geo-referencing


RASTER - technical rule base for exchange of raster images



NAS - an gml-based interface used in Europe, widely in Germany


EDBS - a standard data format commonly used in Europe, mainly in Germany


Additional customer specific data exchange and connection formats can be created on request.

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