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Everything you need to make excellent maps in one system - axpand

Make use of your data with axpand's data interfaces. 


Import or export data and use connection tools.

Create Different Themes and Scales  from One Data Base 


No complex interfaces, one data base where you can create as many different themes and scales as you want. Changes are propogated across themes and scales.

Create Symbols and Style Sheets
Make your maps look the way you want them to by creating custom symbols, signatures and style sheets.




Create Map Layout and Legend
Prepare a map layout as an extract of your data with a legend and overview maps. The map layout can be sent directly to the printer.
Automatically Generalize up to 90%
Use high-quality automatic generalization to create different scales from the same data, to prepare for automatic updating and to significantly reduce the amount of manual edits without losing the the manual edits you have already completed.


Automatically Place Text
Use the automatic text placement in axpand Label to automatically place text according to rules.


Automatically Generate and Label Grids
Map grids can be automatically generated and labelled saving significant time.


Manually Edit
Edit remaining conflicts with axpand's fast, easy editing tool.


Automatically Solve Conflicts on Map Edges
Save time by eliminating tedious manual editing of map edges.
Automatically Update without Losing Manual Changes
By using the unique automatic updating in axpand ng, only relevant changes are considered during processing. It is fast, consistent and maintains changes made during manual editing.
Automatically Create an Index
Indices can be created for all types of publications using axpand's automatic index creator.
Set up Color Separation
Color separation is configured directly in axpand.
Create Graphic Output
Quickly create .pdf, .tiff, geotiff and other files directly from the system or send information directly to a printer. 
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